Pearl Harbor Newspaper Articles Archive

The Pearl Harbor Archive is the world's largest provider of online fully searchable historic newspaper articles about the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor: Remembered

Created to honor the survivors of Pearl Harbor, their families and friends, and those who died during the attack on that Sunday morning in December, 1941.

Pearl Harbor Survivors Association

A veterans group that encourages the historical study of "The Day of Infamy".

Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor Speech

Delivered December 8, 1941, this requested that Congress declare war on Japan.

The Pearl Harbor Attack Hearings

Pearl Harbor Reference Library

National Geographic: Remembering Pearl Harbor

Underwater investigation and reporting on the Arizona Memorial wreckage and other WWII ships, planes, and a possible Japanese sub on the seafloor off Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor Attacked

Pearl Harbor historians and veterans moderated message board.

National Park Service: USS Arizona Memorial

Straddles the sunken hull of the battleship USS Arizona and commemorates the December 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

US Navy Historical Center

A US Government website, documenting and preserving US naval history.

Pearl Harbor Naval Station

Official US Navy website for the naval station, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

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