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Ensign Yoshikawa, Takeo

Takeo Yoshikawa was a graduate of the naval academy at Etajima, but was unable to follow his chosen career because of medical problems. He did, however, become involved in espionage and in 1940 began a career as a diplomat. In April 1941 he was posted to Honolulu as a vice-consul under the name of Tadashi Morimasu and started sending detailed reports about the Pacific Fleet by means of the code J-19. He also gave answers to a questionnaire prepared by Lieutenant Commander Suguru Suzuki who visited Oahu on board Taiyo Maru in November 1941. In spite of this the Japanese appear to have been unaware of the absence of the American aircraft carriers when they attacked and to the failure to sink those ships their eventual loss of the war can, at least in part, be attributed.

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