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Second Lieutenant Welch, George S.

George Welch of 47th Pursuit Squadron flew with Second Lieutenant Kenneth Taylor (Taylor, Kenneth) against the Japanese attackers on 7 December. They took off from Haleiwa Field and encountered Aichi D3A1 Vals over Ewa Marine Air Corps Station. One of Welch's guns jammed, but both he and Taylor shot down an aircraft, but Welch's P-40 was hit and smoke was coming from behind his seat. He climbed into cloud to check it out, but the smoke ceased and he returned to the fight. He shot down another Val over the sea and then they both landed at Wheeler for fresh ammunition and fuel. As they took off once more they were attacked and Welch got the machine that was scoring hits on Taylor. As they pursued the Japanese out to sea, Welch scored his fourth kill of the day.

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