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The repair ship Vestal was moored on Battleship Row outside the battleship Arizona. It is said that a torpedo passed beneath her to hit the battleship, but this is an error. The damage to both ships was from high level bombs. Vestal was hit at about 0805. One bomb went through three decks and exploded, setting fire in the lower hold and damaging electric cables, but leaving the hull intact. The second went through workshops and left a five-foot hole in the hull. When the magazine of Arizona blew up, the Vestal's captain, Commander Cassin Young, was blown overboard by the blast and his men began to abandon ship. Young swam to his ship, halted the panic and ordered the mooring lines cast off. At about 0830 she was moving, listing badly, first to be moored about 800 yards to the north east, then to be beached in Aiea Bay. After the attack her own men got to work and she was able to enter Drydock One on 7 February and was ready for service on 18 February.

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