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The old battleship Utah was, in 1941, a target ship and her decks were covered with timber protection. On 7 December she was moored off Ford Island, the west side, forward of the most southerly ship there, Tangier, in the location usually occupied by the carrier Enterprise. This may explain why a pilot of 3rd Torpedo Attack Unit released a torpedo at her. She actually took two torpedoes and swiftly capsized. At about 1100 Captain R. Bentham Simons of Raleigh, moored forward of Utah, got a report of hammering from within the upturned hull and sent a carpenter over to cut a hole. One man was rescued, and after he emerged took a few deep breaths before going back in to look for shipmates. He found none. In 1942 it was decided to salvage some equipment from the wreck and a system like that used to right Oklahoma was adopted. In early 1944 she was on her side, sufficiently turned for the purpose. No further attempt at salvage was made and she remains there today.

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