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Lieutenant Tyler, Kermit

A pilot from 78th Pursuit Squadron, Kermit Tyler was attending a familiarization course at Fort Shafter so as to learn about radar. On 7 December he was the only officer Private Joseph McDonald could find to deal with the insistent person on the line from the north of Oahu, Private Joseph Lockard (Lockard, Joseph). Unlike Lockard, Tyler was aware that the local radio station, KGMB, had been broadcasting all night, and he guessed, correctly, that this was at the request of the army to give a radio beacon to an incoming flight of American bombers. The radar "blip" must, he reasoned, be the expected flight. He told Lockard not to worry and the radarman's persistence met with no increase in interest. Lockard gave up. The true faults were those that Commander William E. G. Taylor (Taylor, William E.G.), had identified, including the inadequacy of the information center at Fort Shafter.

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