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The minesweeper Trever was a World War I four-funnelled flush-deck destroyer, like Ward, converted to minesweeper in 1940. She was moored in the entrance to Middle Loch, south of Pearl City, on December 7. When the destroyer Henley got under way at about 0830 Lieutenant Commander Robert Hall Smith and Lieutenant H. G. Corey were ashore and set off in pursuit, first by launch and then, at 0952, they were picked up by Trever. She cleared the harbor entrance at 1005 and began anti-submarine patrol. When, about an hour later, they came up with Henley, Lieutenant B. A. Fuetsch, the senior officer on board Trever whose own commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander D. M. Agnew, was also somewhere ashore, declined to lend the whaleboat. It would be needed for Agnew. Smith and Corey decided to swim and Henley trailed a life-raft. At the second attempt they made it.

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