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Captain Tomioka, Sadatoshi

Sadatoshi Tomioka was on the Japanese Navy General Staff, headed by Admiral Shigeru Fukudome, the former chief of staff to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto (Yamamoto, Isorku). Relations between the two admirals were not of the best, the former being of the Great All-Out War Theory school. In late April 1941 Yamamoto sent his senior staff officer, Captain Kameto Kuroshima, to present the detailed plans for the Hawaii Operation, including the work of Commander Minoru Genda (Genda, Minoru), to Tomioka. As Fukudome had consistently opposed the scheme, criticism was to be expected. Four main objections were voiced. First, surprise was vital, and secrecy would be hard to guarantee. Second, the Great All-Out War plan to erode American power as the US advanced across the Pacific and then smash them in the western Pacific was still sound. Third, the practical difficulties were immense. Fourth, it would commit Japan irretrievably to total war. Ultimately Yamamoto got his way by threatening to resign.

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