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The Tambor class submarine Thresher was laid down by the Electric Boat Co. on 27 April 1939 and completed on 27 August 1940. Her displacement was 1,475 tons and she measured 299 feet in length, 27 feet in the beam and drew 14 feet. She was armed with one 4-inch gun and two 20mm Oerlikons. She had 21-inch torpedo tubes, six at the bow and four astern. On 7 December she was seen at sea by Commander Howard L. Young (Young, Howard L.) as he flew from Enterprise to Ford Island and she was seen again later in the day. The destroyer-minelayer Gamble opened fire at 1632 on "a surfacing submarine", believing it to be Japanese. The boat submerged immediately and sent up a signal identifying herself as Thresher.

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