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Second Lieutenant Taylor, Kenneth M.

Taylor and his friend George Welch (Welch, George) were temporarily based at Haleiwa Field but spent the evening of 6 December in the more congenial surroundings of the officer's mess at Wheeler Field. When the First Attack Wave hit they telephoned Haleiwa to have their P-40s made ready and set off by car, pursued by Aichi D3A1 Vals which strafed the field. The Americans took off at about 0820 and flew south, towards Wheeler. Ground control directed them towards Barbers Point, the south western extremity of Oahu. They found Vals attacking Ewa Marine Air Corps Statio and struck immediately. Taylor shot down one aircraft over Ewa and another as it flew out to sea. He landed at Wheeler to refuel and rearm along with Welch. As they took off they were attacked and Taylor and his aircraft were hit, but Welch shot down the attacker. After pursuing the enemy out to sea, Taylor returned to Wheeler unable, by cause of his wounds, to continue.

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