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Ensign "Taussig, Jr, Joseph K. "

Son of a rear-admiral who had been rebuked for testifying to a congressional committee that war with Japan was inevitable, Joseph Taussig was also a man of robust views. In a letter written in 1963 he said that, while well-drilled and swift in bringing their guns into action, the anti-aircraft gunners of the battleship Nevada "couldn't hit the broad side of a barn except at point-blank range." He attributed this lack of marksmanship to the deficiencies of the training conditions, particularly to the low speeds at which targets were towed in practice shoots. When Nevada was attacked, Taussig was air defense officer. He was hit in the thigh in the first torpedo attack and severely wounded, his left foot being thrown into a position under his right armpit. He nonetheless continued to man his station throughout the attack. The severity of his wound prevented his further active service in the war.

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