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The seaplane tender Tangier (ex-Sea Arrow, 1939) displaced 8,000 tons, was 492 feet in length overall, 70 feet in the beam and drew 24 feet of water. She was armed with two 5-inch, 38 caliber, four 3-inch, 50 caliber and eight 40mm anti-aircraft guns. She, and the other six ships of her class, were modified C3 type mercantile conversions. On 7 December she was moored off the west shore of Ford Island, the most southerly of the four ships there and immediately astern of Utah. At about 0830 Tangier saw a midget submarine about 800 yards away and, like Curtiss, opened fire, but had to desist when Monaghan fouled her field of fire. She also fired on aircraft. At 0913 two bombs dropped near her, fragments from one of them damaging two of her boats. Shortly thereafter another near miss wounded six men.

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