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A destroyer of the Mahan class, Shaw was a sister ship to Reid and shared the same specification. On 7 December she was in Floating Drydock Two on the north-western side of the Navy Yard together with the tug Sotoyomo. They were hit by bombers of the Second Attack Wave and, between 0900 and 0930, Shaw was hit three times and the floating drydock five times. Shaw's forward ammunition magazine exploded in spectacular fashion and a photograph of the event has become one of the enduring images of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The destroyer's bow was blown off and, as the fires were beyond control, the sea valves of the floating dock were opened to submerge it and prevent further damage. It was raised on 9 January and the first ship for repair, on 26 January, was Shaw. She was able to sail on 9 February for full repairs at Mare Island and returned to service before the end of 1942.

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