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Second Attack Wave

The Second Attack Wave arrived at Oahu at about 0840 and to the east of the line taken by the First Attack Wave. It split into two parts. The Third Group fighters escorted the First and Second Groups, horizontal bombers and dive-bombers down the east coast until the 2nd and 3rd Divisions, 5th Attack Unit, turned in over Kaneohe Bay to head for Pearl Harbor while the rest of the First hit Kaneohe Naval Air Station and Hickam Field. This time fighters from Haleiwa Field and Wheeler Field gave fight.

The Second Attack Wave was made up as follows:

First Group: 5th Attack Unit; 6th Attack Unit.

Second Group: 13th Attack Unit; 14th Attack Unit; 11th Attack Unit; 12th Attack Unit.

Third Group: 1st Fighter Combat Unit; 2nd Fighter Combat Unit; 3rd Fighter Combat Unit; 4th Fighter Combat Unit.

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