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Admiral Richardson, James O.

Admiral Richardson was commander of the US Pacific Fleet in 1940 when it was based on the West Coast of America. The fleet used to spend time every year in Pearl Harbor, but return to the mainland after a month or so. In late March 1940 Richardson got a secret message from Admiral Harold R. Stark (Stark, Harold R.), Chief of Naval Operations, informing Richardson that he might have to remain in the Hawaiian Islands. Richardson protested that the facilities were inadequate and that as a base the position was excessively exposed to attack. These objections were in vain and in October the admiral went direct to President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Roosevelt, Franklin D.) to whom he said that the Japanese would not be slow to see the fleet's presence in Oahu as more of an opportunity than a threat. On 22 November Stark suggested to Richardson that torpedo nets be deployed in Pearl harbor, but the reply was that they were neither necessary not practicable. On 1 February 1941 Richardson was replaced by Admiral Husband E. Kimmel (Kimmel, Husband E.).

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