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Lieutenant Commander Ramsey, Logan

Operations Officer of Patrol Wing Two, US Navy, based on Ford Island, Logan Ramsey had been alerted to a possible attack by Ward's report of firing on a submarine or midget submarine. He was mainly concerned with taking anti-submarine measures and had gone to the Command Center in the Administration Building to plan for PBYs to undertake a search. This was based on the Naval Base Air Defense Operating Plan which assumed that the north east was the most likely direction of an attack to come from. The First Attack Wave came in at about 0750 and Ramsey thought the noise was of an American pilot "flathatting" - buzzing the base for fun - and his reaction was to order the plane's number to be taken. Almost at once he realized it was an attacking aircraft and he ordered the signal "Air raid, Pearl Harbor - this is not a drill!" to be broadcast in clear. He then ordered his search aircraft to cover section 315 to 360 degrees from Pearl Harbor and next telephoned the news to his commanding officer, Rear Admiral Patrick N. L. Bellinger. Practical action complete, he observed the Japanese torpedo drops and was surprised they worked in such shallow water. He then telephoned Kaneohe Naval Air Station in an attempt to get their PBYs to carry out the additional search that the destruction of the aircraft at Ford Island frustrated, but they, too had been hard hit.

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