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The light cruiser of the Brooklyn class Phoenix was launched on 12 March 1938. Her displacement was approximately 10,000 tons and her complement some 975 to 1,200 men. She was armed with 15 6-inch, 47 caliber and eight 5-inch, 25 caliber anti-aircraft guns as well as 16 40mm and 24 20mm anti-aircraft guns. She carried four aircraft. On 7 December 1941 she was moored at the entrance to Aiea Bay. As she left harbor at 1144 at 30 knots she claimed to be escaping several Japanese aircraft with the letters "USA" painted on them. She was ordered to join the scratch formation Task Force One under Rear Admiral Milo Draemel with Detroit as his flagship and in company with St Louis, but shortly thereafter Admiral Husband E Kimmel (Kimmel, Husband E.) sent them to join Vice-Admiral William F. Halsey's (Halsey, William F.) Task Force Eight.

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