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The Selfridge class destroyer Phelps was laid down at Bethlehem Steel Co., Quincy, on 2 January 1934 and completed on 26 February 1936. Her displacement was 1,805 tons, her length 381 feet overall and beam 37 feet. Her complement was 230 men. She was armed with six 5-inch, 38 caliber and six 40mm Bofors guns. She had eight 21-inch torpedo tubes. On 7 December 1941 she was moored just north of Ford Island in Pearl Harbor. Her No.3 and 4 boilers were dismantled for cleaning and she was getting power and water from the tender Dobbin. Lieutenant Bruce Trippennsee, the engineering officer, was the senior officer aboard and he gave orders for the other two boilers to be lit and 3 and 4 to be put back together. She was under way by 0926 and clear of the harbor by 0950. She joined St Louis, Blue and Monaghan to form an anti-submarine screen.

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