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Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor, on the southern shore of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands was the base of the US Pacific Fleet in 1941. Half of the fleet's ships were in the magnificent natural haven when the Japanese launched the Hawaii Operationin December. In the center of the harbor lies Ford Island with the Navy Air Station in the middle and seaplane facilities on the south. To the east is Battleship Row and to the west the usual mooring positions of aircraft carriers and heavy cruisers. To the north, with Pearl City to the west and Aiea Bay to the east, is East Loch, where destroyers and minesweepers tended to moor. South and west of Pearl City, in Middle Loch, were moorings where minelayers and auxiliaries were to be found. On the shore south and east of Ford Island were the Navy Yard and South-East Loch in which submarines and torpedo boats moored. The Navy Yard itself had a number of docks and drydocks for ship repairs and refits to be carried out, and, south of the hospital on the west, a large oil storage area. South of the Navy Yard is the Army air base of Hickam Field, a bomber base.

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