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Pacific Fleet

The American Pacific Fleet was commanded by Admiral Husband E. Kimmel (Kimmel, Husband E.) from his headquarters at CinCPAC, Pearl Harbor on Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. There were, on 7 December 1941, 103 vessels at Pearl Harbor; including eight battleships, two heavy cruisers, 43 destroyers and four submarines. The rest of the Pacific Fleet, 104 ships, were spread from Alaska, along the coasts of North and South America and across to north Australia and the Solomon Islands. There were no aircraft carriers in Pearl Harbor; Lexington was on a mission to deliver aircraft to Midway and Enterprise was returning from delivering to Wake. After the Japanese attack five battleships had been sunk and three more put out of action for the time being. Three light cruisers were out of action as were four destroyers and six auxiliary vessels were incapacitated. With Floating Drydock Two included, the losses came to 20 ships, less than a fifth of the total force in harbor and a tenth of the fleet strength. No carriers were hit. The Navy Yard was largely unscathed. Thus, while the damage and loss of life was serious, it was by no means fatal and as a pre-emptive strike the Hawaii Operation can be considered a failure.

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