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The battleship Oklahoma was sister ship to Nevada and shared her specification. On 7 December she was moored at the southern end of Battleship Row with Maryland inshore. In the First Attack Wave she was hit by five torpedoes from 1st Torpedo Attack Unit and 2nd Torpedo Attack Unit and Commander Jesse L. Kenworthy (Kenworthy, Jesse L.) quickly realized she was impossible to save. As her list developed the order was given to abandon ship. Altogether nine torpedoes hit Oklahoma. She capsized, trapping many men in the upturned hull through which holes were cut to allow at least some to escape. The salvage operation took place in March 1942. Struts 40 feet long were welded to the hull and cables ran to winches on Ford Island. The long, delicate pulling started on 8 March and finished on 16 June. The righted vessel had a patch placed on the torpedo damage and she was refloated on 3 November. In Drydock Two she was stripped of her guns and much of her other fittings. It was decided the damage was too extensive to justify refitting and she was decommissioned on 1 September 1944. She was being towed to the mainland for breaking as scrap (she made $46,000) when she sank in a storm on 17 May 1947.

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