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The minelayer Oglala was a wooden-hulled ship and was serving as flagship to the commander of Minecraft, Battle Force, Rear Admiral William Furlong (Furlong, William) She was moored outboard of the light cruiser Helena at Ten Ten Pier. When the First Attack Wave hit Pearl Harbor Lieutenant Tsuyoshi Nagai (Nagai, Tsuyoshi) of 3rd Torpedo Attack Unit was intending to attack the aircraft carriers he expected to see west of Ford Island. There were none, so he went for the ships alongside the pier. A torpedo passed under Oglala and struck Helena but the concussion fractured the wooden hull of the minelayer and she started to fill and list. Furlong hastened to move her so the cruiser would not be trapped against the quay. He succeeded, but she had, by 1000, capsized. After the attack had passed other vessels were of higher priority for salvage and it was not until 11 April 1942 that the attempt was made to raise her. The pontoons broke away and she sank once more. Twelve days later she was raised but she sank again in late June when the pumps failed. Raised again, she sank again on 29 June. Next, on 2 July, she caught fire. The next day she was in Drydock Two and was repaired sufficiently to allow her to sail to Mare Island where she was reconditioned to re-enter service in February 1944.

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