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Navy Yard

The Navy Yard, the great repair and maintenance facility and oil storage area, is on the south eastern side of Pearl Harbor. To the south is the Army's airfield, Hickam Field. To the north, across a narrow channel, is Ford Island. Facing Waipio Peninsula across the harbor entrance is the Naval Hospital at Hospital Point. The docks along the northern side were filled with ships under repair or refit, ships loading and unloading and the docksides were covered in workshops filled with important machinery to keep the US Fleet at sea. These vital support facilities were neglected by the Japanese attack of 7 December. The aircraft went for the ships. At the western extremity of the dock area was the Floating Drydock in which Shaw was attacked. Going to the east, Drydocks 3 and 2 were vacant, and Drydock One contained the destroyers Cassin and Downes at the south and the battleship Pennsylvania nearer its entrance. The wharf running north, Ten Ten Pier, so called because that was the maximum length the drydock could take, had Oglala and Helena moored side by side. The waterway opened up beyond the end of the pier with South-East Loch, with another set of piers at which a score or so ships were moored, including St Louis and Bagley. Very little damage was done to the Navy Yard itself and the oil storage survived intact. This was a grave error on the part of the Japanese and allowed the Americans to recover quickly.

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