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Lieutenant Colonel Mollison, James A.

James Mollison was chief of staff of the Hawaiian Air Force. At about 2230 on 6 December he received a telephone call from San Francisco to tell him that a flight of B-17s commanded by Major Truman Landon (Landon, Truman) would be arriving at Hickam Field at 0800 next day. At 0745 he telephoned the control tower to check and learned that they were expected at about 0810. He was still shaving when the attack began and when he reached headquarters he telephoned Fort Shafter to report the bombing, and was not believed; he held the phone out to the sound of explosions to prove it. Other than attempt to deal with the damage, there was little Mollison could do that day except attempt to support his depressed and increasingly stressed senior officer, Major-General Frederick L. Martin.

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