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The heavy cruiser of the New Orleans Class, Minneapolis, was laid down at Philadelphia Navy Yard on 27 June 1931 and completed on 20 June 1934. Her displacement was 9,950 tons, length overall 588 feet and beam 62 feet. She was armed with nine 8-inch, 55 caliber and eight 5-inch 25 caliber anti-aircraft guns as well as 16 40mm and 19 20mm anti-aircraft guns. She could carry four aircraft. He complement was 876 to 1,200 men. On 7 December she was exercising in the training area south of Oahu and was ordered shortly before noon to carry out a search using her floatplanes in response to the report passed on by Lieutenant Commander Layton (Layton, Edwin T.) . She found no Japanese ships and so she reported, but the message was misread as "two" instead of "no" ships. Other searchers mistook Minneapolis herself for a Japanese ship.

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