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Private Lockard, Joseph

On the morning of 7 December 1941 Private Joseph Lockard was on duty at Opana, at the north of Oahu, completing his 0400 to 0700 radar watch. With him was a soldier being trained in the use of the equipment, Private George Elliott (Elliott, George). As the truck intended to fetch them back for breakfast was late, Lockard continued giving Elliott practice with the radar. To their surprise they saw a large and entirely unexpected "blip" on the screen. At first Lockard thought the set was faulty, but he soon concluded that numerous aircraft were approaching from the north and that they were 132 miles distant. Between 0700 and 0730 he telephoned the information center at Fort Shafter. Telephone operator Private Joseph McDonald took the call, but told Lockard that the center was closed and the men gone to their breakfast. Lockard, now thoroughly alarmed, insisted on speaking to someone in authority. McDonald managed to locate Lieutenant Kermit Tyler (Tyler, Kermit) who remembered that a flight of American aircraft was coming in from the mainland and told Lockard not to worry. Lockard persisted, as far as he could in speaking to an officer, but in the face of Tyler's lack of interest he gave up.

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