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Lieutenant Commander Layton, Edwin T.

Admiral Husband E. Kimmel's (Kimmel, Husband E.) intelligence officer was Edwin Layton. It was to Layton, when on 1 December he could not suggest the likely position of the Japanese Carriers Divisions One and Two, that Kimmel remarked, "Do you mean to say they could be rounding Diamond Head and you wouldn't know it?" Layton also had the misfortune to be the carrier of the news of an intercept of a Japanese radio transmission at 1030 on 7 December, after the Second Attack Wave had hit and when the Japanese First Air Fleet was reporting their success to Tokyo. The Navy was able to take a bearing on the signal, but could not determine the direction exactly; it could be in either direction along the line of the bearing, 357 - almost due north - or in the exact opposite direction. The technicians chose the latter and Layton hurried to report to Kimmel. The Admiral signalled his task force commanders to seek and destroy Japanese ships south of Oahu. Layton continued to serve as intelligence officer to Admiral Chester Nimitz who replaced Kimmel. On 3 March 1942 he warned of the imminence of Operation K, another attack on Pearl Harbor. Only two aircraft were involved, seaplanes, and they missed their targets, but the defense forces failed to intercept them, demonstrating the continued vulnerability of the American base.

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