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Kaneohe Naval Air Station

Kaneohe Naval Air Station, now Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Air Station, was situated on the north-western extreme of the peninsula which encloses the bay on the eastern shore of Oahu, north-east of Honolulu. Navy Patrol Wing 1 was based there with 36 PBY5 Catalinas and an OSU2 Kingfisher seaplane. The station was among the first targets attacked by the Japanese. The post commander, Commander Harold Martin (Martin, Harold), was drinking a cup of coffee at about 0745 when he saw the fighters coming in. At 0751 5th Fighter Combat Unit and 6th Fighter Combat Unit strafed the PBYs both in the water and on the warm-up platform. Horizontal bombing Kates of 5th Attack Unit and, about 15 minutes later, Zeros of 3rd Fighter Combat Unit attacked and the leader of the latter, Lieutenant Fusata Iida, was shot down, probably by John W. Finn (Finn, John W.). The only PBYs on the strength that were not damaged were the three absent on patrol. Eighteen bombs hit the Air Station.

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