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Lieutenant Iida, Fusata

Lieutenant Fusata Iida commanded the 3rd Fighter Combat Unit consisting of nine Mitsubishi A6M5 Zeros from the carrier Soryu in the Second Attack Wave. They targeted the Kaneohe Naval Air Station at approximately 0900 but, finding no American aircraft in flight, strafed the field. Iida, flying his Zero tail number B1-151, was hit, possibly by Chief Ordnanceman John William Finn (Finn, John William), and started streaming fuel. He signalled to Lieutenant Iyozo Fujita, indicating that the rest of the flight should return to the ship and, here he pointed to the ground, that he would attempt to crash his plane into a suitable target. He missed the armory building and hit the hillside. The Americans buried him the next day. They found a map in the crashed Zero that marked the water tank as a fuel store; explaining why the Japanese shot it up so enthusiastically.

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