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As the severity of the Battle of the Atlantic increased through 1940 and 1941, the United States strengthened the Atlantic Fleet at the expense of the Pacific. In April 1941 the carrier Yorktown and the battleships New Mexico, Mississippi and Idaho together with four light cruisers, 17 destroyers, three oilers, three transports and 10 auxiliaries began the process of transfer to the Atlantic, a process completed by the fall. As a result they were not present in Pearl Harbor on 7 December and thus escaped the Japanese attack. Idaho was laid down by the N.Y.S.B. Corporation on 20 January 1915 and completed on 24 March 1919. Her displacement was 33,400 tons, length overall 624 feet and beam 106 feet. Her maximum draught was 34 feet. She had 12 14-inch, 50 caliber, eight 5-inch, 38 caliber and six 5-inch, 51 caliber guns and many 40mm and 20mm anti-aircraft guns. Her complement was 1,930 men.

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