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The Japanese carrier Hiryu was part of the First Air Fleet taking part in Hawaii Operation. In the First Attack Wave the 4th Attack Unit and the 4th Torpedo Attack Unit as well as the 4th Fighter Combat Unit were flown from her. In the Second Attack Wave the latter formation flew once more with the dive-bombers of the 14th Attack Unit. In the Battle of Midway (Midway, Battle of) in June 1942 it was a flight of Nakajima B5N2 Kates, the last available to the Japanese in that battle, that pressed home their attack on the American carrier Yorktown, inflicting so much damage that she had to be abandoned. Hiryu was sunk by SBD2 Dauntlesses from Enterprise.

See also: 4th Attack Unit; 4th Torpedo Attack Unit; 4th Fighter Combat Unit; 14th Attack Unit; Enterprise; First Air Fleet; First Attack Wave; Hawaii Operation; Kate; SBD2

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