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Halsey, William F.

Vice Admiral "Bull" Halsey was the commander of the task force headed by the carrier Enterprise and sent to deliver additional aircraft for the defence of Wake, a base closer to Japan than Pearl Harbor. That done, the force was sailing back when a signal sent by Lieutenant Commander Logan Ramsey (Ramsey, Logan) at 0758 hours on 7 December was passed to Halsey. It announced the air raid on Pearl Harbor. His first thought was that Ramsey had mistaken a flight from the carrier as the enemy, but it soon became clear that a battle was in progress from which Halsey and his men were excluded. Efforts were made to locate the Japanese fleet, but they were misdirected south by CinCPAC. The only useful sighting was made by aircraft from the cruiser Northampton, but the report did not reach Halsey until it was too late to act on it. Enterprise was spared to fight at Midway, but Halsey, who was ill, missed that as well.

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