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Lieutenant Commander Furlong, Rea

Rear Admiral Furlong was commander of Minecraft, Battle Force, and based aboard his flagship Oglala moored alongside Helena at Ten Ten Pier. As soon as he became aware of the attack he gave a general order to leave harbor. In the First Attack Wave the commander of 3rd Torpedo Attack Unit, Lieutenant Tsuyoshi Nagai (Nagai, Tsuyoshi), flying a Nakajima B5N2 Kate released a torpedo which passed under the shallow-draughted Oglala and hit Helena at about 0758. Furlong, helpless, had watched the weapon come. He later said, "Of course I could do nothing about it. The ship was moored, and you could just look at it." The concussion fatally damaged the wooden hull of Furlong's flagship and as she started to fill with water and began to list it was imperative to move her and give the trapped cruiser a chance to escape. Furlong attracted the attention of two tugs and the Oglala was moved astern and docked. Observing the attacks on Nevada as she attempted to put to sea, Furlong then sent the tugs to her aid. The Oglala, however, was listing and her guns could no longer be worked, so Furlong ordered her to be abandoned and as he stepped onto the dock at about 1000 hours she capsized.

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