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RCA Messenger Fuqua, Samuel G.

Samuel Fuqua was damage control officer of Arizona When her forward magazine was hit in the First Attack Wave the commander of Battleship Division One, Rear Admiral Isaac Kidd, and the captain, Franklin Van Valkenburgh, were killed and the ship was fatally damaged. Fuqua ordered the fires to be fought and supervised the evacuation of the wounded. About 100 men who were suffering from burns and other wounds were taken by a rescue boat from Solace to Ford Island while other boats plucked men from the burning oil slick surrounding the ship. Attempts to control the fires on board were frustrated because there was no power to give water pressure to the hoses. Fuqua had men do what they could with hand-held extinguishers, but it was futile and he ordered abandon ship, to his recollection at about 0900, but probably rather earlier. He then oversaw the procedure without losing his appearance of entire calm. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour in recognition of his courage.

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