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Commander Fuchikami, Tadao

At about 1200 hours Eastern Standard Time, that is, 0630 in Hawaii, Chief of Staff George C. Marshall (Marshall, George C.) in Washington D.C. sent a message to Lieutenant-General Walter C. Short (Short, Walter C.) in Oahu to warn him of the appointment made by the Japanese Ambassador Nomura (Nomura, Kichisaburo) to call on Secretary of State Cordell Hull at 1300 hours EST. Because of problems with the army radio link with Honolulu, Colonel Edward French, head of the War Department Signal Center, routed the cable by Western Union and RCA. It reached RCA in Honolulu at 0733. It was not assigned any special priority status when it was sent, and Messenger Tadao Fuchikami set off to deliver it to Short's headquarters as part of his regular round. Within minutes of his departure the Japanese attack began. He finally reached Fort Shafter at 1145. It was then sent to be decoded and the clear version arrived in the Adjutant General's office at 1458. Colonel Robert H. Dunlop passed it to an officer to take to General Short, and eventually someone was found prepared to risk the general's wrath.

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