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Ewa Marine Air Corps Station

When he was in receipt of Chief of Staff General George C. Marshall's (Marshall, George C.) warning message of 27 November, Major-General Walter C. Short's (Short, Walter C.) reaction was less to take precautions against external attack than against internal sabotage by the ethnic Japanese now resident in Hawaii. Guards were placed on aircraft and the forty-seven planes of Marine Air Group 21 were neatly gathered together at the north-western corner of Ewa Marine Air Corps Station, which lies south-west of Pearl Harbor. The aircraft there were SBD2 Dauntlesses, SB2U Vindicators, and F4F Wildcats. The solid block of planes made a neat target for the Japanese.

The First Attack Wave hit at 0753. Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Model 11s of 4th Fighter Combat Unit were followed by 3rd Fighter Combat Unit and then by 2nd Fighter Combat Unit and 4th, strafing the assembled American aircraft. At 0900 six SBDs from the carrier Enterprise landed briefly and were told to get airborne again for their own safety; the four undamaged craft complied. The Second Attack Wave, Vals of 12th Attack Unit and 13th Attack Unit s renewed the assault between 0915 and 0945, but were much less effective than their comrades. Thirty two aircraft were destroyed or damaged and casualties amounted to five dead and 13 wounded.

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