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East Loch

Pearl Harbor has its entrance on the southern coast of the island of Oahu, a narrow waterway between Bishop Point on the east and Iroquois Point on the west. Branching westwards almost immediately, with Waipio Point facing Iroquois Point at its entrance, is the slender finger of West Loch, which was not used for naval vessels. Further north a fairly narrow channel leads east at Hospital Point past the Navy Yard to South-East Loch on the southern shore of the harbor while to the north of the channel is Ford Island. This island stands in the middle of the opening of East Loch and facing its north-western shore across a broad channel is the peninsula of Pearl City. The US Navy's ships were moored off this peninsula and the majority of them in an area clockwise from it in East Loch, along the north-western and south-eastern shores of Ford Island, in South-East Loch and at the Navy yard docks.

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