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Submarine No. 169 (ex V.7) Dolphin was laid down at Portsmouth Navt Yard on 14 June 1930 and completed 14 October 1932. Her displacement was 1,540/2,215 tons, length overall 319 feet and beam 28 feet. She carried a 4-inch gun, .50 caliber machine guns and had six 21-inch torpedo tubes. Three torpedos were stowed externally. Her complement was 64 men. On 7 December 1941 she was moored in South-East Loch on the eastern shore, close to the CinCPAC headquarters building. At approximately 0800 Ensign William S. Finn was roused from his breakfast by a man pointing skywards up the hatch and Finn, having looked out, had the locks on the ammunition lockers smashed off to get the machine guns working. He assumed that CinCPAC would become a target, but there is no evidence that it did.

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