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Damage assessments/actual

The returning Japanese airmen reported their assessments of the damage they had inflicted on the ships in Pearl Harbor, principally in relation to those on Battleship Row. As they could not name the ships, they allocated letters of the alphabet which have been interpreted thus:

A = Nevada; B = Arizona; C = Tennessee,; D = West Virginia; E = Maryland; F = Oklahoma; G = California.

The reports of hits included their identification of class for the vessel concerned, but as they were not always correct only the alpha identification is used here or the actual name is given in [***].

Akagi torpedo claims: 2 on F, 2 on G, 4 on D, 3 on F.

Kaga torpedo claims: 4 on D, 3 on F, 1 on A.

Soryu torpedo claims: 1 on ship [Helena] at Ten Ten Pier, 1 on G, 6 on [Utah] on northwest of Ford Island.

Hiryu torpedo claims: 2 on D, 2 on F, 4 on [Helena] at Ten Ten Pier.

Akagi high-level bomber claims: 2 on E, 2 on C/D, 1 on C/D.

Kaga high-level bomber claims: 1 on C, 1 on D, 1 on B, 1 on D.

Soryu high-level bomber claims: 2 on two ships at C/D, none on A.

Hiryu high-level bomber claims: 2 on B, none on G.

Akagi dive bomber claims: 6 on E.

Kaga dive bomber claims: 27 dropped on A (13 hits), 2 on E, 1 on D.

Soryu dive bomber claims: 3 dropped, all missed, on G, 1 on [Pennsylvania].

Hiryu dive bomber claims: 5 on E, 2 (one miss) on G.

The actual damage, by ship, recorded by the Americans is given below with the Japanese claims in brackets. Note: torp = torpedo, hl = high-level, db = dive bomb.

Arizona: 2 hl bombs. (3 hl)

California: 3 torp, 1 db. (3 torp, 1 db)

Maryland: 2 hl, unknown db. (2 hl, 13 db)

Nevada: 1 torp, many db. (1 torp, 13 db)

Oklahoma: 9 torp. (10 torp)

Pennsylvania: 1 bomb. (1 db)

Tennessee: 2 bombs. (3/4 hl)

West Virginia: 8 torp, 2 hl, 1db. (10 torp, 4/6 hl, 1 db)

Helena: 1 torp. (5 torp)

Raleigh: 1 torp, 1 db.

Shaw: 3 db.

Cassin: 1 db.

Downes: 2 db.

Helm: 1 db near miss.

Oglala: sank from concussion damage from torp on Helena.

Curtiss: 1 db, one dive bomber crashed on ship.

Utah: 2 torp. (6 torp)

Vestal: 2 hl.

It is interesting to see the surprisingly close correlation between claimed and actual hits. Moreover eight ships damaged were not the subject of claims at all, although this may relate to the identities of the Japanese airmen who survived. Lieutenant Susuki, for example, died in crashing on Curtiss. It is also informative to see that some ships were entirely destroyed as a result of just a couple of hits while others sustained similar attacks without such dire consequences.

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