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The destroyer Cummings, Mahan Class No. 365, was a sister ship of Case and, except for her displacement which was 1,465 tons, shared Case's specification. Cummings was laid down at United Dry Docks on 26 June 1934 and was completed on 26 January 1937. On 7 December 1941 she was moored at the Navy Yard, Pier 19. At 0910 she was attacked by Val dive-bombers and a near miss wounded three men. At about the same time Commander L. P. Lovett arrived to make the Cummings his flagship as Cassin had been bombed and set on fire. Lovett was commander of Destroyer Divisions Three and Five. Cummings succeeded in putting to sea and at 1139 her sound operator reported hearing propeller noises. Two depth charges were dropped and quantities of oil were seen, indicating a possible submarine kill.

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