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Destroyer No. 106 Chew/ was a Flush Deck Type, 5th Group. She was laid down at Union Steel Works, later Bethlehem Steel Co., San Francisco on 2 January 1918 and completed on 12 December that year. Her displacement was 1,060 tons, length 314 feet overall and beam 30 feet. Most of this class were armed with six 3-inch guns and two anti-aircraft machine guns, as well as six torpedo tubes. On the morning of 7 December she was on patrol in the Defensive Sea Area and was relieved by Ward at 0721 hours. She returned to her mooring near Mokunui Island off the north-eastern corner of Ford Island but was almost immediately on the move again when the Japanese attacked. Two survivors from Battleship Row were picked up and transferred to the minesweeper Tern. Outside the harbor Chew made four sonar contacts between 1030 and 1214 and at 1245 relieved Ward whose depth charges had been expended. At 1515 Chew made another sonar contact and dropped four depth charges, two of which were heard to explode.

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