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Pearl Harbor Naval Hospital admitted 545 battle casualties on 7 December, Of these, 350 had extensive body burns. By early 8 December there were 960 patients and many men had been treated for less serious injuries and released. The wounded were also treated at dispensaries located at the airfields and elsewhere.

American casualties were, in total, as follows:

Navy: Dead, 2,008. Wounded, 710.

Marine: Dead, 109. Wounded, 69.

Army: Dead, 218. Wounded, 364.

Civilian: Dead, 68. Wounded, 35.

Total: Dead, 2,403. Wounded, 1,178.

Figures for Japanese forces do not include figures for wounded, and are as follows:

Airman: Dead, 55.

I-70: Dead, 65.

Midget submariners: Dead: 9. Prisoner: 1.

Total: Dead, 129. Prisoner: 1.


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