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The destroyer-minelayer Breese was moored south of Pearl City in Middle Loch when the Japanese attacked. Her captain, Lieutenant Commander Herald F. Stout, was angry when his Sunday was shattered by the call to General Quarters, but as the Utah started to capsize he realized they were at war. At 0825 Breese was ordered to sea but was unable to move because other ships moored nearby shut her in, so she was not under way until 0917 and out of the harbor at 0942. In the meantime she had been firing on incoming aircraft and claimed a kill. At 1108 she was guided by a motor torpedo boat to depth-charge a suspected submarine. At 1133 she made sonar contact and dropped five depth-charges at 1135, churning up oil and debris. Early in the morning of 8 December she was fortunate in avoiding a torpedo attack, possibly from a midget submarine.

See also: midget submarine; Utah