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Bellows Field Air Base

Bellows Field, in the south-east of Oahu, lay to the south of Kaneohe Naval Air Station field now serving as the Marine Corps Air Station. It was the base of 86th Observation Squadron and 44th Pursuit Squadron. It was hit by First Attack Wave when elements of 3rd Attack Group flew over the east of the island, and a single Zero of 5th Fighter Combat Unit strafed tents and buildings. Bellows was again a target when Second Attack Wave arrived. Two P-40s piloted by Lieutenants Bishop and Whiteman managed to get airborne at 0855, just in time to encounter, at 0900, the Japanese who shot them down. Eight Zeros of 4th Fighter Combat Unit under Lieutenant Sumio Nono from Hiryu strafed the field, shooting up a B-17 that had landed from California only 15 minutes previously. Four of the 21 American aircraft at Bellows Field were destroyed.

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