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The destroyer No.386 Bagley, Gridley Class, was laid down at Norfolk Navy Yard on 31 July 1935 and completed on 10 August 1936. With a displacement of 1,500 tons and a complement of 200 men, she measured 341 feet overall with a beam of just under 35 feet and drew about 10 feet. Her armament consisted of four 5-inch guns and 16 21-inch torpedo tubes, although the latter may have been reduced in number by 1941. Her lighter armament is not ascertainable. On 7 December she was moored at the Navy Yard, South-East Lough, Pearl Harbor. As the Second Attack Wave was in progress, at 0855, she started to prepare to leave the harbor, under the command of Lieutenant Philip Cann. It was necessary to replace the lubricating oil before she could do this and, at 0940 she was under way. Nevada had by this time gone ashore near Hospital Point and Bagley was ordered to circumnavigate Ford Island counter-clockwise in order to reach the open sea. As she did so she came across a launch with the commanding officer and executive officer of the destroyer Blue. Cann picked them up with the intention of returning them to their ship, but they were unable to do so until the next day.

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