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Destroyer No.355 of the Farragut class, the Aylwin was laid down at Philadephia Navy Yard on 23 September 1933 and completed on 1 May 1935. Her displacement was 1,375 tons and length overall 341 feet. She carried four 5-inch guns and eight 21-inch torpedo tubes. When the attack began her captain, Lieutenant Commander Robert Rogers, and many other members of the crew were ashore. Ensign Stanley Caplan was the senior officer and he got the ship under way from the anchorage in East Loch, due north of Ford Island. A bomb fell close by her stern, thrusting her into a buoy and damaging one of her screws. She claimed (along with many others) credit for shooting down an aircraft from Akagi piloted by Lieutenant Mamoru Suzuki at 0905 which crashed on the seaplane tender Curtiss. She made the open sea at 0932. Rogers chased after her in a launch and, although her caught up by 1000 hours, was unable to board because permission for Aylwin to slow down was not granted.

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