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The supply ship Antares was towing a lighter towards Pearl Harbor when, at 0630 her captain, Commander Lawrence C. Grannis, saw a strange object in the water. Although unlike any submarine he had seen before, it could be nothing else. The information was relayed to the destroyer Ward. At much the same time the strange vessel was seen by Ensign William Tanner, pilot of a PBY (Catalina) flying boat on patrol. He formed the impression that it was an American submarine in distress and dropped two smoke pots to mark its position. The helmsman of the Ward reported the object at 0637 to the officer of the deck Lieutenant Oscar W. Groepner who then called for his captain, Lieutenant William Outerbridge (Outerbridge, William). General Quarters was ordered at 0640 and, five minutes later, Ward had closed to fire on what they now realized was a midget submarine attempting to follow Antares into the harbor. The first round missed, but the second struck at the junction of the hull and the conning tower (what is today called the "sail"). Ward then passed over the sinking submarine and dropped a pattern of depth charges. Oil came to the surface. Meanwhile Tanner recalled his standing orders to bomb any unauthorized submarine in the defensive sea area and he dropped a bomb. Both Ward and Patrol Wing Two claimed the kill.

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