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18th Bombardment Wing

The Hawaiian Army Air Force 18th Bombardment Wing was a potential threat to the Japanese First Air Fleet and therefore its base at Hickam Field was an important target for the attackers. The Wing comprised 5th Heavy Bombardment Group with 4th Reconnaissance Squadron (12 B-17s) and 23rd, 31st and 72nd Bombardment Squadrons (B-18s), 11th Heavy Bombardment Group with 26th, 42nd and 98th Bombardment Squadrons (B-18s) and 58th Light Bombardment Squadron (B-12s) and 19th Transport Squadron (B-12s). 19th Heavy Bombardment Group with 38th and 88th Reconnaissance Squadrons was flying in on 7 December under the command of Major Truman Landon (Landon, Truman).

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